Anand College Of Education Celebrates National Youth Day Celebration

January 12, 2021 all-day Asia/Kolkata Timezone

National Youth Day was celebrated with great pomp at Anand College of Education, Keetham Agra. The program was inaugurated by Dr. PK Singh by lighting a lamp in front of Maa Saraswati and laying a wreath on the portrait of Swami Vivekananda. Thinker, philosopher, young monk, sharp speaker and ideal personality. Swami ji, who has revived the Indian cultural consciousness, awakened self-esteem in the Indian youth and created a new ray of hope. All of us should take inspiration from the life and thoughts of Swami ji, the pioneer of Indian Renaissance.

He emphasized on education to earn a living. He said that education should be such that it will provide employment to the child. Blessed is our India land, where such a great man was born, we need to follow the literature of Swamiji only then the students will be given a new direction. On this occasion, all the spokespersons presented their views and the students also presented their statements. Dr. Vishesh Rajput, Dr. Girish Kumar, Mrs. Alka Mishra, Mrs. Bhavna Agre, Mrs. Usha Singh etc. were present in the program. Gauri Chaturvedi, a student, was conducted.

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